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How to Tell If Your Facebook Ads Are Working Using Google Analytics

Are you running Facebook ads? How well are those ads driving conversions on your site? Are visitors driven by the ads engaging with your content? What about taking the action you..

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How to Tell If Your Instagram Strategy Is Working

Are you spending a lot of time posting stories and updates to your Instagram? How well is your content working for you? Are you hitting your goals with engagement numbers or..

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7 Instagram Tips Every Nonprofit Should Know

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform out there right now. So how can your nonprofit gain attention and engagement on this app? You want to make sure you are..

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7 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales Using Instagram

With billions of active users, it’s no wonder that Instagram is a top destination for marketers and advertisers. After Facebook took direct control of Instagram’s software last..

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5 Apps to Easily Design and Resize Social Media Images

There are really only two types of social media images. Thumb-stopping. And NOT thumb-stopping. You only want your social media images to be in the thumb-stopping category! So how..

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How to Avoid These 5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes

As of 2018, 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising, and chances are that you are part of that stat. However, are you using it correctly? Like with everything else in marketing,..

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Ways to Promote Your Holiday Fundraiser, Even If It’s Last Minute

Don’t push your holiday fundraisers and drives to the back burner this holiday season! According to a study done by Network for Good, 29% of giving occurred in December and 11% of..

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4 Content Promotion Best Practices to Follow on Social Media

Are you struggling to get your content seen by more people online? There are currently over 82% of Americans are on social media and 307 million active internet users in the US..

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How to Use Facebook Events to Increase Your Event Attendance

One of the best ways to promote your events on social media is through Facebook Events. Why? Because you are able to directly reach people through a social media medium that they..

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Top 5 Facebook Page How Tos

Do you need help with your Facebook company page? Well, wait no longer, we have come up a list of the top 5 Facebook page how tos. 1 – Fix Your Cropped Facebook Page Profile Photo..

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3 ways to liven up your LinkedIn company profile…

Do you find your LinkedIn® Company Page to be a tad bit…boring? Well, let’s spice it up with these 3 easy steps… 1. Liven up the company home page by adding a Banner Image 2. Show..

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