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Mastering Your Website Redesign with HubSpot’s Content Staging Tool

Justin Givens 8/18/23 9:07 AM

As a marketing director, you are the captain of a mighty team! You are passionate about your brand and eager to make an impact in the digital world. But let's face it, navigating through HubSpot's extensive features can sometimes feel like a complex maze.

Here's your secret weapon: HubSpot's Content Staging Tool. It's designed to simplify your website redesign process, allowing you to work on updates without affecting your live site. Let's break it down without the jargon and in a way that respects your time and energy.

A Sandbox

With HubSpot's Content Staging Tool, you can redesign and relaunch your website and landing pages in a staging environment. Think of it as your team's private playground—a space where you can let your creativity run wild without the public ever seeing until you're ready. Test new designs, rework existing pages, or build new ones from scratch—all without affecting your live site. And when that moment comes, you can launch multiple pages at once, smoothly and professionally.

This tool is like having a safety net under your high-wire act. It allows you to take risks, try new things, and not be afraid of making mistakes that the world will see. It's freedom without the fear.

The Nitty-Gritty

Before diving in, HubSpot has resources to help you plan your redesign strategy, edit page content, and update your branding. And while you're in this staging environment, any changes you make won't affect your live site until you say so. It's control without the chaos.

HubSpot recommends cloning your templates, global content, and HubDB tables before editing them in content staging. This ensures that your live pages remain untouched until you are ready to replace them with new versions. It's precision, without the panic.

New Domain? No Problem

If your redesign includes moving to a new domain, you can add this domain to your settings. You can stage your pages on the new domain before it's live. It's foresight, without the fear.

This is particularly useful for companies going through a rebranding phase. Changing your domain is a big step, and HubSpot's Content Staging Tool lets you see exactly how it will look and function before you make the switch. It's preparation without the premature launch.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Once your team has worked its magic and your redesigned pages are sparkling and ready, making them live is as simple as clicking 'Publish.' If you're moving to a new domain, a few DNS tweaks will have you set. It's launching without the lunacy.

This final step is where the magic happens. After all the hard work, the late nights, and the meticulous editing, you can finally unveil your new site to the world. And with HubSpot's Content Staging Tool, you can do it confidently, knowing that every detail is as you want. It's a celebration without the stress. Now you must focus on things to do after launch; read our checklist!

We've been there!

Feeling overwhelmed is understandable, but HubSpot's Content Staging Tool is here to be your team's best friend. It's innovation, designed with empathy for the challenges small groups face. It's about being supportive, not co-dependent on a tool that's more complex than it needs to be.

So, did you know that HubSpot is ready to be your partner in this journey, not just a tool you use? It's time to explore what's possible with the Content Staging Tool.

Questions to Ponder:

  • How can the Content Staging Tool streamline your team's workflow and reduce stress during a website redesign?
  • What aspects of your current website would benefit most from a redesign in a risk-free environment?
  • How might using a staging environment empower your small team to make significant, bold changes with confidence?
  • How can this tool align with your brand's vision and help you execute a cohesive digital strategy?

These questions aren't just hypothetical—they're your roadmap to a smoother, smarter website redesign. They're the starting point for a conversation with your team about how you can work together more effectively and creatively.