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We help you convert more customers faster.

Build a consistent, predictable customer flow that will allow you to scale your business and save 5-10 hours each week through our proven, time-tested Clarity Automation™️ method.


Our unique Clarity Automation™️ 

Over the past decade, our team of growth specialists, system architects, and system designers have created a time-tested, four-step approach that helps businesses convert customers to strangers faster.

How it works.

We work with you and your team to streamline your sales, marketing, and operations and build consistent, predictable customer flow that will allow you to scale your business and save time. We do this with our time-tested, four-step approach.

1. Discover



We take a deep dive into your brand and develop a customized Clarity Automation™️ plan that aligns with your goals, saves time, and maximizes your results.

2. Automate



We build out strategically-aligned sales and marketing automations within HubSpot and build customized playbooks, so you and your team are 100% clear on how each automation works. 

3. Monitor



We set up a "bird's eye" view with dashboards highlighting key metrics unique to your business. We also train you and your team on how to read these reports and better use Hubspot so you can learn the most time-effective way to spend your time and energy each day.

4. Refine



We hate paperweights! That's why we work with you each week to continually optimize your sales and marketing strategies and automations. Maximizing your time savings and ROI in HubSpot.

"Image in a Box's expertise and cutting-edge strategies are extremely valuable to the Aladdin family. They have freed up our team's time to focus on product quality, production, distribution, and customer service."

Chad O'Neal

VP Director of Marketing
Aladdin Storage Lift


Get more time back and increase your bottom line.

Let's have a 10-15 minute chat today to see what that would look like for you.


Our Successes

Your business isn't a cookie-cutter. We get that! That's why we customize and refine each stage of our Clarity Automation™to solve your unique business problems and do the hard stuff in HubSpot. So you get time back and can predictably scale your business simultaneously.

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of time-savings EACH week

Lapidari Icons_square-gem-icon-royal-blue


increase in qualified sales inquiries

Lapidari Icons_diamond-icon-red


manual process removed from each online purchase

Lapidari Icons_diamond-icon-aqua


increase in website-driven revenue

Lapidari Icons_pear-gem-icon-yellow


decrease in the cost to convert a customer

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of time-savings EACH week

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Our Services

Strategy & Goals

Align sales and marketing goals to your long-term vision. We help you build an execution plan that produces scaleable growth.


Maximize your return on your investment throughout key areas of your business. We provide a clear roadmap that aligns the most powerful CRM platform with your business goals. 

Sales Enablement

Spend more time selling. We help you create a sales strategy and put the right technology in place to make you and your sales team more efficient and effective.

Marketing Automation

Build more relationships. We help you design and execute a lead nurturing funnel that makes leads purchase-ready faster. 

HubSpot Training

Welcome to the no paperweight zone.  We train you and your team on how to best use your investment in HubSpot to continue to optimize your processes and save time each day.

Reporting & Analysis

Get a better view of your business. We customize your HubSpot dashboards to track the most important metrics based on your unique goals so you can make data-driven decisions.

Find out how we could help you increase profits while saving time

The process is simple! Submit the form and pick the most convenient time for you to chat.

Our commitment to the call is to determine how our automation services could work for you. We'll let you know if they won't so we don't waste your time.


"Justin and Co. bring us honesty, efficiency, and consistency. With just one automation they set up for us, we're saving up to 14 hours per month."

Nicole Sam

Senior Digital Product Manager
Simon and Schuster