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Convert your marketing confusion into clarity

Our 4-Step Clarity Automation™ plan helps you streamline your marketing technology, systems, and processes to increase your productivity while making your marketing more effective.


How it works 

Want more conversions with less stress? It’s possible! We’ll show you how with our time-tested Clarity Automation™ plan.

1. Discover



Align tech with your long-term strategy.

We dive into your tech stack and integrations to develop a Clarity Automation™️ plan that converts your current chaos to clarity.

2. Automate



Remove errors, Excel, and copy and paste from your to do list.

We help you fix broken and build tailored integrations. We put time-saving automations into action. And we put the productivity boosting processes you need in place.

3. Monitor



Get a better view of your marketing performance.

We customize your reporting dashboards to track the most important metrics based on your unique goals so you can make data-driven decisions.

4. Refine



Never have to figure out marketing tech on your own again. 

We work with you on an ongoing basis to optimize your marketing tech stack, processes, and automations. Then you can focus on the strategy and execution, NOT fires.

"Image in a Box's expertise and cutting-edge strategies are extremely valuable to the Aladdin family. They have freed up our team's time to focus on product quality, production, distribution, and customer service."

Chad O'Neal

VP Director of Marketing
Aladdin Storage Lift

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Increase your productivity and bottom line

Let's have a 15 minute chat today to see what that would look like for you.


Results that count

See how Clarity Automation™helps our clients get time back in their day and grow their business. 

Lapidari Icons_pear-gem-icon-red


of time-savings EACH week

Lapidari Icons_square-gem-icon-royal-blue


increase in sales inquiries

Lapidari Icons_diamond-icon-red


manual process removed from each online purchase

Lapidari Icons_diamond-icon-aqua


increase in website-driven revenue

Lapidari Icons_pear-gem-icon-yellow


decrease in the cost to convert a customer

Lapidari Icons_square-gem-icon-aqua


of time-savings EACH week

Find out how we could help get out of the daily grind.

1. Schedule a quick 15-minute chat with us.
2. Get a customized plan to streamline your processes.
3. Execute your marketing campaigns with ease and confidence!


"Justin and Co. bring us honesty, efficiency, and consistency. With just one automation they set up for us, we're saving up to 14 hours per month."

Nicole Sam

Senior Digital Product Manager
Simon and Schuster