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How to Maximize Your Nonprofit's Reach with Offline Marketing

While digital marketing has made a great impact on expanding the reach of nonprofits and businesses, you shouldn’t rule out the impact of offline marketing. Using offline..

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4 Steps to Easily Generate More Valuable Content

Want to know the secret to make content generation easier? The key is to create content that continues to grow on its own. Initially, this may sound unrealistic, but it’s actually..

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How to Keep Your Content Marketing on Track

If you're anything like me, your content marketing plan probably feels a little bit like a constantly evolving beast. Sometimes it's hard to stay on track, and other times it..

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5 Simple Ways to Generate Blog Topics Your Audience Wants to Read

Everyone knows how important creating content is for your marketing strategy! But let's see a show of hands...who typically gets stuck at the first step, planning picture-perfect..

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The First Step in Strategic Content Planning

Content planning is more than just deciding on topics and scheduling posts. Before you start anything else, you must set short-term and long-term goals that you plan to achieve in..

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The Key Step You're Missing When Content Planning

Let me guess, you start your content planning by brainstorming content ideas, putting them on some sort of calendar, and then you start creating drafts. That's what every marketer..

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The Essential Marketing Planning Guide for Your Nonprofit's Next Event

While this may not be your first time planning an event for your organization, don’t forget to schedule out enough time to market your event for optimal attendance. Spreading the..

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How to Use Storytelling to Increase Online Donations

During an average visit on a webpage, users only read 20% of the content. What does that mean for your donation landing page or your website in general? It means that you need to..

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A Nonprofit's Guide to Finding-Target-Donor-Persona-With-Magnifying-Glass

A Nonprofit's Guide to Creating Donor Persona Profiles

If you're like most nonprofit marketing and development directors, increasing the results of your fundraising efforts is high on your to-do list. Understanding your donors is key..

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4 Steps to Run a Statistically Significant AB-Test-Significance-Check-It-Off

4 Steps to Run Statistically Significant A/B Tests

How do you know if the keywords in your ad copy are why your click-through rate increased? What about the color of the button on your landing page, did it increase the number of..

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What You Should Know About Google Ad Grants' New Policy Update

What You Should Know About Google Ad Grants’ New Policy Update

New policies sound a little intimidating, right? In this case, the Google Ad Grants policies were updated to genuinely help your advertising efforts improve in AdWords. As of Jan..

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Is Your Email Marketing Working?

Email marketing is often the easiest way to drive targeted traffic, but is often overlooked because of all the other areas of marketing that your organization must do. Email is..

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