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How to Map Your Ad Strategy to the Buyer's Journey

Are you running online ads for your business? How well are they hitting your goals? How much do you spend to reach new users, convert new customers, or reconvert past customers?..

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How to Get Your Leads to Say Yes to Your Brand

When your lead enters the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, they are ready to buy. They’ve considered all of their options and are looking for reasons to choose your brand...

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The Key to Buyer's Problem

How to Market Your Brand as the Best Solution to Your Buyer's Problem

When your buyers are in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, it’s essential for your brand to stand out. This is where they are evaluating their options and getting..

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How to Attract Qualified Prospects to Your Brand

When your prospects are in the first stage of the buyer’s journey—the awareness stage—they have just realized they need a solution to a problem they’re having. They aren’t ready..

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Everything You Need to Know About the Buyer's Journey

Once you’ve made the effort to fully define the various buyer personas of your audience, it’s time to put that knowledge to work. Every customer your brand will ever have walks a..

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4 Things to Do After Creating a Buyer Persona

Successfully completing your buyer persona research is an accomplishment worth celebrating! However, it’s only the first step in the journey toward finding ways to extract value..

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Using Buyer Persona Research to Maximize Marketing ROI

As a marketer in the digital age, you know how difficult it is to ensure you’re sending the right messages to the right people. Poor audience targeting means every dollar you..

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buyer Personas

Have you heard the term buyer persona before but never understood what it really meant? A buyer persona is an integral part of your marketing strategy, so it’s important to know..

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How to Create a Detailed Buyer Persona Profile

Buyer personas are essential for every business because they provide insight into how to create relevant marketing messages for prospects and customers. The question is, what..

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How to Measure Your Nonprofit's Event Success

Everyone wants their nonprofit events to be successful. How you measure this success, though, depends on your goals. Before you even start event planning, it's essential to create..

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5 Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit's Network After an Event

Now that your event is over, you can move on to the next project, right? Not so fast! Post-event tasks are just as important as the tasks you completed to put the event together...

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8 Ways to Attract More Donors to Your Nonprofit's Website

Your nonprofit’s website is one the most valuable resource in your marketing strategy. 75% of donors turn to online resources to look for information before donating. And 47% of..

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