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4 Reasons Every Business Needs to Use Google Analytics

Tracking your business' website analytics is essential because the data provides valuable insight into what your business can do better so that it can continue to grow. A great..

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A Google Analytics Glossary for Beginners

Google Analytics is a superstar in any marketer’s tool chest, and remains one of the best methods for monitoring and tracking online audiences. While top-level analytics are..

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How to Tell If Your Instagram Strategy Is Working

Are you spending a lot of time posting stories and updates to your Instagram? How well is your content working for you? Are you hitting your goals with engagement numbers or..

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The Simple Guide to Benchmarking Your Email Marketing

Do you ever wonder if your email marketing efforts are really working? Sure, you can compare your open rates and click-through rates internally, but it can help to look at..

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Understanding Email Marketing Analytics and Benchmarks

One of the main components of successful email marketing is sending relevant content to your audience. So how do you know if your content is fulfilling your subscribers’ needs and..

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How to Measure Your Nonprofit's Event Success

Everyone wants their nonprofit events to be successful. How you measure this success, though, depends on your goals. Before you even start event planning, it's essential to create..

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4 Steps to Run a Statistically Significant AB-Test-Significance-Check-It-Off

4 Steps to Run Statistically Significant A/B Tests

How do you know if the keywords in your ad copy are why your click-through rate increased? What about the color of the button on your landing page, did it increase the number of..

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Is Your Email Marketing Working?

Email marketing is often the easiest way to drive targeted traffic, but is often overlooked because of all the other areas of marketing that your organization must do. Email is..

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Which Products Are Performing Best on My Ecommerce Website?

Successful online business depends on smart marketing, and that depends on knowing which products are performing well on your site and which aren’t. With both standard and..

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How to Drive Higher Qualified Visitors to Your Website

Every online business wants to drive more traffic to its website, but boosting traffic rates alone isn’t enough to increase conversions and close more sales. To fine-tune your..

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4 Reasons Ecommerce Websites Need to Be Using Google Analytics

I know it’s been said over and over again, you need to be using Google Analytics for ecommerce websites, but why? Many business owners question whether its worth investing time in..

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5 Reasons Non Ecommerce Websites Should Use Google Analytics

“I don’t have an online store, why should I use a program like Google Analytics,” is a question we hear a lot. It comes all the way from the business novice to the seasoned CEO,..

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