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4 Steps to Make Content Creation Easier

Michelle Givens 1/24/22 10:54 AM

Do you feel overwhelmed when comes to creating content?

Maybe the time commitment makes it seem impossible?

Or you could just be completely unsure where to even start.

You're not alone. A lot of marketers feel that way, especially when they're trying to come up with new and original ideas all the time.

Content creation doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, following these four steps can make the process a lot easier. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating content that rocks today!

Step 1: Assess your goals.

It’s important that you know what you're trying to achieve with your content.

Who's your intended audience? What action do you want your readers to take when they consume your content?

You need to determine these content goals so you can take them into account when you're planning out your content.


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Step 2: Get more assistance.

Create a diverse team of writers (AI bots included). This helps you facilitate posting more content regularly, without overworking you or your authors.

Here are some ideas for authors:

  • Use Jarvis - Jarvis is an AI bot that ends writer's block and helps you generate content 5x faster for your blog, social media, website, and more. Plus, it's way more affordable than outsourcing.
  • Your customers - Get your biggest supporters to contribute their success stories and testimonies. They can also share why they choose to support your organization. Whether it’s a video format or a written piece, this is valuable content to use in your content plan.
  • Guests - Having a reputable guest from your organization’s industry write a blog post can help establish credibility. Their post can cover their expertise or provide relevant tips to your reader.
  • Volunteers - Nonprofit organizations have the option to ask for volunteers to help write content. Whether it’s about their personal experience with the organization or just general content, their contributions can be a big help.
  • Professional Writing Help - Outsourcing your work to websites like Scripted, Yoast SEO, or SEMrush can be a great backup plan and takes the hassle out of finding a local freelance writer. Be sure to try these services out in advance to find the content writer that meets your needs prior to when you need the content they are writing.


Step 3: Get organized.

Now that you have your goals and your team, roll your sleeves up and get organized.

Select your tools. Be sure to use collaborative tools for both the planning and creation stages. Hubspot, Miro, and Google Drive are great for this. 

Determine your cadence. The idea of posting content weekly may seem unattainable at first, so figure out how much content is realistic. That'll get you some inertia. Nothing's more crushing than setting an unrealistic content goal just to make you feel like a failure. 

Get some momentum and results, then ramp things up!

Layout a plan. Be strategic here. Spread out the content pieces that will be more time-consuming to write, i.e., your original blog posts. Fill in guest posts and success stories in between to give you more time to complete the longer ones. 


Step 4: Set deadlines and assignees.

Now that you have your goals, your tools, and a schedule, you need to clearly communicate all of these things to anyone that will be working with you on content...well except maybe your robot Jarvis.

Afterward, assign content tasks to individuals and layout deadlines. Be sure to give anyone contributing to your content adequate time to write and yourself enough time to review and edit the content.


Taking a little time at the beginning of any marketing endeavor will produce a better result. It may seem counter-productive to making content creation easier, but it's essentially the key. These 4 steps can definitely help jumpstart that planning process to put you well on your way to more results!


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