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Boxing for a Cause - Village of Promise - July 2018

Jasmine LeBlanc 7/31/18 2:07 PM

Our Boxing for a Cause project is how we give back to our community. Every month, Image in a Box donates to a local nonprofit chosen by one of our team members. Michelle chose Village of Promise for July!

2018-July-Boxing-for-a-Cause-MichelleAbout Village of Promise

Village of Promise is a family advancement center that addresses any educational, physical health, social, emotional, or professional development issues that local families living in poverty may have. They create an advancement plan and provide support programs to help each family reach their goals and advance out of poverty.

Why Michelle Chose Village of Promise

Michelle says, "I chose the Village of Promise because their primary focus of 'moving people forward' in life is in line with my motto for life. I have directly seen the effects that cyclical poverty can have on families. It is difficult to break the cycle even for those striving to advance past it. That is where I feel that having an organization acting as a catalyst for those striving families and children living in poverty is so beneficial."

Not only does this organization directly help reduce poverty in our local community but it also helps increase the number of people that can positively impact the Huntsville community in the future.

Learn how you can help Village of Promise, too! Check back next month to see which nonprofit our team selects in August!