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Boxing for a Cause - 305 8th Street - August 2018

Jasmine LeBlanc 8/29/18 2:45 PM

Our Boxing for a Cause project is how we give back to our community. Every month, Image in a Box donates to a local nonprofit chosen by one of our team members. Jacob chose 305 8th Street for August!

2018-August-Boxing-for-a-Cause-JacobAbout 305 8th Street

305 8th street is a local group home that houses homeless, mentally-challenged individuals. Through the help of the community and staff, they help maintain the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of their residents. Not only do they provide 24-hour care at 305 8th Street, but they recently opened a second group home across the street to house six more women with diverse disabilities called Nora's House.

Why Jacob Chose 305 8th Street

Jacob chose 305 8th Street this month because he believes it is vital for us to use our resources to better our community and the lives of those in it. 305 8th Street has been doing this through caring for intellectually disabled individuals for nearly four decades.

"They provide a caring, loving home or offer off-site supportive services to those whom they are able. 305 8th Street provides an excellent example of caring for our community for all of us."

Find out how you can help 305 8th Street, too! Don't forget to check back next month to see which nonprofit our team selects in August!