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Boxing for a Cause - HAWS Helping Animals Without Shelter - January 2020

Jasmine LeBlanc 1/31/20 2:51 PM

Our Boxing for a Cause project is how we give back to our community. Every month, Image in a Box donates to a local nonprofit chosen by one of our team members. To kick off 2020, Jasmine chose HAWS - Helping Animals Without Shelter to receive a donation!

HAWS - Boxing for a Cause - Jan 2020About HAWS

HAWS - Helping Animals Without Shelter provides assistance to families who have outside dogs that live inside Madison County and outside city limits. Through donations, they are able to provide adequate shelter to dogs who are chained outside. Additionally, they assist low-income and senior pet owners in paying for spaying and neutering which reduces the number of unwanted animals in shelters.

Why Jasmine Chose HAWS

Jasmine says, "I like that HAWS is dedicated to helping outdoor dogs live their best life by providing them with adequate shelter, clean water, and essential preventative care. Their motto is 'No judgment, just help' which helps owners who have outside dogs understand that they are not being shamed, just helped by the kindness of volunteers and donors. It's inspiring to watch HAWS' videos and see the pictures of the shelters they create for outside dogs, which is why I chose for them to receive a donation."

Learn how you can help HAWS, too! Check back next month to see which nonprofit our team selects.