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Boxing for a Cause - Harris Home for Children - July 2019

Jasmine LeBlanc 7/29/19 8:30 AM

Boxing for a Cause is our way of giving back to our local community. We donate to an employee-selected nonprofit in Huntsville every month. Michelle chose Harris Home for Children for July!

July-2019-Boxing-for-a-cause-harris-home-for-childrenAbout Harris Home for Children

The Harris Home for Children is a nonprofit that provides full-time foster care services and support for neglected and dependent adolescent youth who are in the care of the state. They provide foster care, therapeutic care, and educational services to help the children of Alabama reach their full potential.

Why Michelle Chose Harris Home for Children

"I have always been drawn to causes that assist the defenseless. After hearing Chessie Harris's story, I am truly inspired by her passion and hard-working efforts to help those who needed her the most⁠—defenseless children. I hope that her story and cause will inspire those in our network to reach out and support Harris Home for Children or someone you know that is in need in your local community or personal network."

Learn how you can help Harris Home for Children, too! Be sure to come back next month to see which nonprofit our team chooses!