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Nonprofit Resources to Help with COVID-19

Michelle Givens 4/9/20 10:00 AM

Uncertainty still looms in the wake of the ongoing US COVID-19 outbreak and the current economic downturn. To help our nonprofit customers and other nonprofits seeing unwanted effects from the COVID-19 unemployment, economic turmoil and beyond, here is a round up of resources to help you best navigate this environment.

Today’s resource list covers:

Marketing and Advertising Resources 

Google for Nonprofits

Google has always been giving back to nonprofits, even before the coronavirus pandemic. But their offer of up to $10,000/month for in-kind AdWords advertising offered through the Google Ad Grants program could be even more vital for your nonprofit now more than ever. 

You have to get your account set up for that, but once your nonprofit applies and is approved, you will be able to use free advertising dollars to display ads on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Ads on SERPs are a powerful way to increase your nonprofit's awareness, which will lead to an increase in donations and event attendance.

The process has changed a little recently. So if you need help, reach out, we’d be happy to help get you set up for free during this time.

Free Donor Persona Training Course with One-on-One Help

We have just launched our new donor persona course, “Identifying and Creating Your Nonprofit’s Ideal Donor,” and are  offering it free for a limited time to all. This course teaches you everything you need to know about the type of persona your organization needs, how to conduct research on them, and how to apply them to your marketing efforts. 

As part of this course, you'll get access to on-demand expert help and donor persona review. So as you have questions, our team is just an email or call away.

Sign up for our free donor persona today.

Other Free or Discounted Marketing Training

Adjusting to Remote Work

There are tons of tools offering support during this abrupt switch to working from home for your nonprofit. Here are some tools we use at Image in a Box or know will make working remotely easier. And best of all, these specific tools are offering nonprofits a discounted rate or free access for limited time.

Here is an exhaustive list of other business tools offering support for nonprofits at this time.

Ideas for Hosting Virtual Events

This time can prove even harder for nonprofits the for profit organizations. The economic downturn can really have donors holding tight to funds that they would’ve been more inclined to donate previously. Plus, the current lockdown situation has caused all fundraising events to be canceled. So, what can you do? Here are some resources to help.

Nonprofit Grants and Financial Assistance

There have been a lot of blurred lines with the government relief efforts for nonprofits and small business. The level of nonprofit and charitable organization support varies per government resource. So, to help you better navigate this here is a video from the National Council of Nonprofits and some additional resources to help you better understand the government funding available for nonprofits.


Additionally, here are some other funding resources for nonprofits to tap into.

Thanks for taking time during this hectic time to gain insight into what is available to your nonprofit during the Covid-19 outbreak. I hope that this article has been helpful for you and your organization. If you know of any other great resources for me to add,  feel free to DM Image in a Box on Instagram.