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The Lead Prioritization Conundrum

Justin Givens 6/6/22 5:31 PM

Are you tired of getting bombarded with new leads who aren’t ready to buy? 
If so, I can assure you that you’re in good company because only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.


And if you’re drowning in sales leads and inquiries,  I’m sure you’re frustrated by the amount of time you have to waste following up with these low-quality leads. 


But since 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first, you’ve got to respond as quickly as possible to all leads. 


That's where the lead prioritization conundrum comes in.

To explain what I mean by the lead prioritization conundrum, let me start with a quick example.

A Lead Prioritization Example

Two leads hit your inbox, Lead A first, then Lead B second.

Who do you contact first?

Lead A or Lead B?

Lead A since it came in first, right?

So you reply to Lead A and try to set up a phone call or you may just pick up the phone and call.

Nice work, but…

  • Lead A was just window shopping and not ready to talk to sales. They’re just learning more about you.
  • Lead B has been reviewing your business for the last three weeks, learning all about you. But since you were focused on Lead A, Lead B just closed with your competitor.

Having access to this sort of information is priceless for your sales process, but most businesses don’t know they can access it.

And some businesses have access to this data but don’t know how to best use it to make informed decisions for their sales effort that maximize time and sales conversions.

That’s where a solid lead scoring strategy comes in.

Start sales prospecting now to save time & scale your business.

The Benefits of Lead Prioritization 

Lead prioritization will equip you and your sales team with a list of the highest quality, highest priority leads to follow up with every day. This will provide you with:

  • TONS of time savings each day.
  • More time to follow up with qualified leads.
  • Shorter sales cycles.
  • Increased sales conversion.
  • Increased first-time purchase values.

Which ALL equate to an increase in your bottom line.

The Best Lead Prioritization Tool

In my example, I painted one of the most common issues that sales teams are facing today. Lack of lead prioritization and scoring.

So how do we solve this problem?

With the best lead prioritization tool, of course!

There are several big players in the game but HubSpot is hands down the best because it not only does lead scoring and prioritization, but it aligns your sales and marketing teams so that the marketing-to-sales handoff happens at exactly the right time. 

See how lead prioritization could increase your profits. 

Schedule a quick 15-minute chat to identify where you’re leaking leads and how lead scoring and lead prioritization could help.


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