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How much does a CRM cost?

Savannah Muñoz 12/12/22 7:50 AM
money and a calculator are shown symbolizing the different pricing structures CRMs may have.

Every Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will have similar perks for your business. Still, each one is unique in its ways. 

Visually, they offer various UX designs - some more intuitive than others. Other CRMs provide different ways to communicate with your team, manage email and social systems, automate tasks, and more.

What's also unique to each CRM is its price. Today we'll be going over how much a CRM can cost you. They're more accessible than you think!

Find the right CRM for you.

Per user

Aside from the base cost, CRMs typically charge a monthly fee. Sometimes this fee is based on users or the number of contact records. The pricing is usually more straightforward if you have a smaller company that wants to start using a CRM. 

If you run a larger company, options are available that charge based on different product usage within the CRM platform. Overall, prices can range anywhere from $10 to $200+ per user, depending on where you look.


Data storage

Some CRMs charge based on how much data you're using. You'll typically start with a specific amount of storage and only get charged after you pass those limits. The upside to this pricing is; having a CRM that will scale with your business as it grows.

Remember, there are often discounts for purchasing a year's worth at once, which helps make up some price difference. Before going all in, test out CRMs with free trials until you find one that fits you.


Is there a Free CRM?

Suppose you're not too keen on any of the above pricing structures. In that case, HubSpot offers a free CRM that is exceptionally efficient. This free CRM is a light version of their tools. Although this free version lacks certain sales features, you can always get them added for an extra fee.

HubSpot's free CRM is ideal for anyone interested in using a CRM that still needs to be 100% on board with the cost or commitment of one. Another plus? HubSpot is easy to navigate, making getting your team on board easier.


Invest in the right choice

Overall, the cost of a CRM will depend on your business needs and what features you need to support those needs. Whether you're looking for a free or paid CRM, choosing one that best suits your business is essential. After all, investing in a good CRM can help drive efficiency and productivity in your organization.

Get started today and start managing your customer relationships like a pro! Want more? Download our guide below to learn all you need to know about CRMs.

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