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Guide to Writing Prospecting Emails

Savannah Muñoz 11/14/22 7:30 AM

What are the key steps to prospecting? Research, outreach, and convert. As simple as that sounds, we all know each step takes genuine effort. To get a conversation rolling with a qualified prospect, there are a few classic routes you can take.

You should be calling them, messaging them on social media, and you should be emailing them. 


Today we’ll be focusing on emails. We’ll guide you through the fundamental aspects of a warm email you can send to your prospects today. With this article you’ll now be able to confidently venture into better communicating with soon-to-be customers!


Why email?

Email marketing has stood the test of time for a reason. Although it feels less overwhelming than cold-calling, some argue the process itself tends to move slower.

While this is true, a slower process can be advantageous for you. This longer route gives prospects more time to research and consider your offer. Plus, the visual aspect helps you stand out. You might initially have to send a few emails before hearing back, though.


Regardless of how you communicate with a prospect, your outreach needs to be highly tailored to your prospect’s business, industry, and goals. Don’t forget: You’re not selling someone a solution, you’re helping them find a solution (through your business).

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What should I write?

First things first: Set a positive tone when you reach out. You’ll want a strong subject line to grab their attention. Avoid cliches here; try saying something meaningful instead.


Next, you’ll want to make a connection. You can do this through personalizing your opening lines. Your previous research should help give insight into your prospect’s pain points which you’ll want to touch on. 


Then, you’ll want to keep the focus mostly on them, not about you and your business yet. Once you’ve established why you’ve reached out, let them know what value you can bring and why they should care about it.


Lastly, don’t skip on a clear call-to-action (CTA). Tell your prospects which action you want them to take next. Make it easier for them to make a decision by adding a button or CTA image that leads them to the next step in your process.

While it may seem obvious to you what the next step is, it may not be clear from your prospects’ point of view. 


Don’t flood them with a million options either. Chances are the more options they have - the less likely they are to pick even one. Try this one out, “Do you have ten minutes to talk tomorrow?”. Simple as that.


In conclusion

You’ll be set if you do your research, qualify your prospects, and start conversations. Don’t be afraid to hit send on an email!

Business is a lot like dating; you have to remember not everyone is meant for you, and there are a million other fish in the sea. Essentially, keep trying and don’t give up!

If you already know you have too much on your plate to even think about prospecting, it may be time to partner up in order to get to where you want your marketing to be without constantly working away at it.

Does this sound like you? If so, send us a message to help start closing leads and growing your business now.


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