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Email Marketing Best Practices

Justin Givens 5/17/22 4:51 PM

Did you know that only a mere 6.4% of your followers will see your latest post on your business’s Facebook page?  

Similarly, LinkedIn only comes in at a mere 5-10% reach for organic posts on the platform.

But if you had emailed them that message instead, you would have reached 16.97%


With all that said, email marketing is THE MOST effective way to get your message in front of your audience. Hands down!

Here are some best email marketing practices to ensure you’re on your email marketing A-game.


Design your email around one goal or action.

Too many different calls-to-action (CTAs) in one email can cause your reader to overthink and not click on anything. Ever heard of “analysis paralysis”? 

Only use one action that you want the reader to take per email to ensure your reader clicks on your CTA. 

You can have the same CTA in multiple places in your email (above the fold and at the end of your email) so that your reader doesn’t have to scroll around to find it.

The only exception to this rule is a newsletter because they are widely known for having more than one story on them.


New call-to-action

Make sure the Alt Text is used on all images.

Some email service providers don’t display images by default, so using the alt-text for all of your images is important. 

Alt-text is the text that appears in place of an image when it’s missing. 

The text should describe what the image is or be used as another call to action.

Never assume that your reader will see the picture when they first open it. Images are great for visual appeal, but don’t let your whole email depend on the image. 

Read our email design blog post for more tips on designing effective emails.


Don't forget to use an email marketing automation platform.

The best way to ensure your emails are CAN-SPAM compliant is to use a reputable email marketing platform like HubSpot, MailChimp, MyEmma, or Constant Contact

Using a platform will automatically include all of the necessary CAN-SPAM compliant details in every email you send.

These platforms come with many features, such as ready-to-use templates, data analysis, and automated emails. 

We highly recommend using email automation to save time in the long run and be more effective. 

You can create all of your emails beforehand and decide when they should be sent to your audience. After that, you just have to analyze your results and optimize when needed!

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Be sure to build your list organically.

That means that you should only email people who have opted in to hear from you. 

Never buy contacts or send emails to people who did not agree to receive emails from you via your email marketing platform

They will either ignore you or mark you as spam, which will affect your deliverability in the long run.


Email marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy because it can effectively promote your organization’s content. Follow these tips and best practices to ensure that you're bringing your A-game and maximizing results. 

Convert leads to customers with effective email marketing workflows. Learn how with our free downloadable slide deck guide here.