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Ecommerce Email Marketing: The Ultimate Optimization Resource List

Jasmine LeBlanc 1/9/19 4:47 PM

Email marketing for your ecommerce business can help boost your sales, but how do you make sure you’re effectively optimizing your emails? To save you time from endlessly scrolling up and down search engines for answers to this question, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best resources you can use to improve your ecommerce emails.

Resources for Best Subject Lines

Subject lines can make or break your email’s open rate. Refer to these resources before you send your next email to ensure you are sending the most effective subject line.

1. Subject Line Comparison

MailChimp created a study where they analyzed their best and worst open rates and studied what words the subject lines all had in common. They even broke most of the sections down by industry, so you can see what works best for your business. Use this study to optimize your subject lines for better open rates.

2. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

The Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Index evaluates how likely certain words are to evoke an emotional reaction in your target audience. A key component to grasping your audience’s attention in their inbox is to cause them to feel an emotional reaction, so that they will be interested in reading your message.

The Advanced Marketing Institute has a headline analyzer that scores your subject line on how many EMV words it contains and compares it to your industry’s average. It also determines which emotion it makes your reader feel: empathetic, intellectual, and/or spiritual. It’s important to know which emotion your target persona responds better to so that you can make your subject lines compelling to them.

3. The Ultimate Email Subject Line Testing Checklist

There’s always room for improvement with email subject lines, but do you ever find yourself drawing blanks when it’s time to make small tweaks? This checklist by Campaign Monitor provides a lot of optimization inspiration for subject lines that you can use whether you are A/B testing or just looking to make small changes.

Resources for Impactful Email Design

Email design matters in marketing emails, but can understandably be overwhelming. Here are a few resources that do a great job of breaking down what’s important to have in your email design to make an impact with your subscribers.

4. 6 Email Design Techniques for Higher Conversions

InVision’s blog post breaks down 6 key elements that you should incorporate into your email design to keep your audience interested and ultimately leads to higher conversions. This is a great resource because it also provides real email examples with each tip.

5. Email Design Guide

This guide by MailChimp discusses plenty of email design tips regarding layout, font, color, images, calls-to-action, and more! Make sure your ecommerce marketing emails are following these design best practices.

6. 11 Welcome Email Template Examples That Grow Sales From Day 1

Use the tips and examples in this in-depth blog post by Big Commerce to optimize your welcome emails. If you currently don’t have a welcome email, then read this article to learn the importance of them and incorporate one into your strategy!

Resources for Call-to-Action Best Practices

Design, copy, and subject lines are all important parts of email marketing, but calls-to-action can determine whether a reader converts or not. Use these resources to ensure you are using effective calls-to-action in your ecommerce marketing emails.

7. How to Create the Perfect Call-to-Action for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Nail the copy, design, and placement of your calls-to-actions using this guide by Campaign Monitor. Their advice is backed up by studies that tested multiple CTAs in order to determine how to create the “perfect” call-to-action.

8. What We Learned Testing Our Email Call to Action Buttons

Delivra tested their own calls-to-action and posted their findings in this blog post. Find out how CTA colors, copy, button shape, and more affected their click-through rates! Keep their results in mind when optimizing your email CTA.

9. How to Crack the Email Call-to-Action Code

Constant Contact’s blog post has 5 best practices for creating more effective calls to action for your emails. They show you before and after email CTA examples so that you can see the difference for yourself. This is a great resource for making sure you have a fully optimized CTA.

Resources for Email Marketing Best Practices

Each of these lists contain great tips and best practices that you need to ensure are used in your email marketing strategies for great results!

10. 31 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to 5x Your Conversion Rates

If you need inspiration for an email campaign that will help increase your conversion rates, then check out this detailed blog post by Big Commerce. There’s plenty of campaign ideas and tips to get you started!

11. Ecommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

This infographic by Email Uplers provides a breakdown of best subject lines, CTAs, automation campaigns, and more for the ecommerce industry. Refer to this resource when creating your emails so that you can fuel sales for your business.

12. Five Best Practices for Ecommerce Email Marketing

Check out these five key tips in WooCommerce’s blog post to make the most of your ecommerce email marketing strategy. These best practices can help build meaningful relationships with your customers.


These resources will help you and your team create effective ecommerce emails so that you can boost your sales and maintain a good relationship with your contacts! 

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