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5 Best HubSpot Integrations that Increase Your ROI

Savannah Muñoz 10/31/22 10:45 AM

HubSpot is a powerful tool for businesses and marketers alike to streamline processes, break down data, and manage operations. 

As powerful as HubSpot is on its own, pairing it with integrations can help increase the value it provides your business. You could explore the HubSpot App Marketplace, but if you’re just starting out - you may end up scrolling for what feels like forever.

No need to spend your time endlessly scrolling - we’ve done it for you! We’re about to jump right into 5 Hubspot integrations we believe are the best for increasing your ROI.


For in-person events: Eventbrite

Connecting Eventbrite to your HubSpot account will help you convert attendees into customers by sending out tailored, automated communications based on if the attendee came to the event or not. Plus, you can keep growing engagement by promoting upcoming events on the company's social media channels and capturing contact information during registration.


For SMS marketing: Sakari

SMS marketing.. need to overcome two major hurdles of personal boundaries and contact management. 

Sakari can help with both of these problems, such as separating your business and personal messages or connecting contact text messages automatically into your CRM.


Conquer integrations without feeling overwhelmed.
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For contract management: PandaDoc

PandaDoc takes the contract process to new heights with its templates and signature capabilities.

And when you integrate PandaDoc with HubSpot, you can automatically create and send contracts based on a contact's actions and statuses and then connect fully executed contracts seamlessly into customer contact records, so there's no need for extra work!


For project management: Asana

Asana is the perfect solution for any team looking to manage projects and tasks in a single platform.

With features like task management, workload management & reporting as well their integration with HubSpot, you can easily track your progress from both an internal or external perspective.


For reporting and analytics:
Integrate all of the correct data into HubSpot

HubSpot seamlessly integrates all your analytics sources into one place with easy-to-digest graphics.

You just need to make sure to integrate all of your data sources into HubSpot so you can get the proper reports built and you can use HubSpot as your single source of truth.


“Working smarter not harder” certainly comes into play here. So if you’re looking for ways to streamline your processes even further - integrations are the answer.


Conquer integrations without feeling overwhelmed.

Download our step-by-step integration guide. Click the button below.

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