Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Our dedicated web hosting service team ensures that your website is functioning 24/7 and secure. We offer our clients local support 24/7/365!

Website Hosting Issues We Can Solve

Slow Loading Time

Slow loading time affects your user experience and your SEO negatively.

Outsourced Support

Your web hosting support team's hours of operation aren't convenient, and worst of all, you don't know who they are or their expertise.

Here's How We Solve Them

Local Support

You can be sure any time that you need hosting support, you’ll talk to a real person in Huntsville, Alabama. With a reliable uptime (99.99%), you’ll never have to worry about lost emails or website content again. We perform nightly backups which are stored on redundant hard drives to help reduce the risk of data loss in case of hard drive failure. Additionally, your WordPress content is backed up every hour and stored offsite. That's peace of mind!

Technical Director, Justin Givens
Front-end Specialist, Jacob McKinney

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN essentially puts copies of your website on servers around the U.S. and world. This allows your website to achieve superb load times if your customer is down the street or across the world. The CDN also helps avoid website slowdowns and crashes during times of heavy traffic such as TV appearances or a major national publicity.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

The SSL certificate establishes a secure, encrypted connection between your customer’s computer and your website. This will increase your website security and help protect your users’ personal information.


Domain Name Registration

Our domain name registration service takes care of renewals for you and also allows you to purchase new domains as needed.

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