1. photo of Michelle Givens

    Michelle Givens

    Creative Director

    Michelle designs User Interfaces (UI) for visitor-facing websites and for client-facing backend systems. Additionally, she is a mastermind at harvesting new, creative features and content to add to clients’ websites.

  2. photo of Justin Givens

    Justin Givens

    Technical Director

    Justin provides the overall technical guidance for IIAB. He ensures the team is always looking to the future and building the innovative solutions with the best systems. With his expertise, he guides the team to customer-centric solutions.

  3. photo of Zach Pope

    Zach Pope

    Sales and Marketing Specialist

    Zach develops marketing plans and performs marketing analysis/research for clients. He also performs SEO audits and offers consultation on SEO improvements.

  4. photo of Jacob McKinney

    Jacob McKinney

    Front End Specialist

    Jacob develops and implements custom web applications. He also adds custom features/enhancements to existing web applications and enhances site performance and usability.