Boxing for a Cause

While knocking out your online presence is a noble cause indeed, there is none more so than supporting those who are less fortunate. Image in a Box is proud to support our local community through donations (of both time and money) and discounted rates for 501(c)3 organizations!

Our Monthly Projects

Each month, Image in a Box donates to an employee selected non-profit in the Greater Huntsville Area. Any organization, in the Tennessee Valley, that is designated as a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS is eligible for one of our monthly donations.


  1. January 2016


  2. February 2016


  3. March 2016

    American Heart Association Logo

  4. April 2016


  5. May 2016


  6. June 2016


  7. July 2016

    An image showing our donation to the North Alabama Food Bank.

  8. August 2016


  9. September 2016

    Huntsville Botanical Gardens Boxing

  10. October 2016

    Boxing for a cause october

  11. November 2016

    An image showing November's boxing for a cause pick.

  12. December 2016



  1. January 2017


  2. February 2017


  3. March 2017


  4. April 2017

     National Children's Advocacy Center

  5. May 2017

    Downton Rescue Mission

  6. June 2017

    March of Dimes

  7. July 2017

    Energy Alabama

  8. August 2017

    A New Leash on Life

Our Quarterly Projects

During each quarter Image in a Box donates our time by volunteering at an area nonprofit or nonprofit event decided on by our employees!

3rd Quarter: Free to Teach


4th Quarter: Santa’s Village


Annual Boxing for a Cause Competition

During the Holidays, IIAB holds our Annual Boxing for a Cause competition via Huntsville’s Tinsel Trail. During this event we pick local area nonprofits to compete in a public voting contest to see who will get the grand prize of a large monetary gift. Not to worry, each nonprofit receives a small monetary gift, but only one wins the grand prize!

2015’s Winner was the Habitat for Humanity


2014’s Winner was the A New Leash on Life