case study

new website helps increase sales inquiries by 190%

the story.

suffering from decrease in lead generation

Since Aladdin Light Lift sells their product through various distributors nationwide, their main goal is to generate highly qualified leads for their unique product. When they noticed their sales lead generation had plateaued, they reached out to Image in a Box to help expand their reach.

Prior to reaching out to us, their website was strictly an informational asset. We helped convert their website into a lead generation source. Additionally, we created a marketing and advertising strategy to increase product awareness and sales leads. Three months after launching their revamped website and executing our marketing and advertising, they generated 190% more sales inquiries than before. 

bragging rights

the key highlights.

email marketing

Our email marketing automation campaigns have received double the amount of open rates than industry standards and click rates almost 5 times higher than industry standards.

content creation

We drive more traffic to their website organically by creating high-quality content for their blog.

facebook advertising

We create compelling video and image ads to draw their target audience on Facebook to convert into a lead.

search engine optimization

By making sure their pages are optimized well for the search engines, we've increased their impressions by 32%.

lead-generation forms

Our lead-generation features increased their sales inquiries by 190%.

google ads

Our team creates both search and Display ads to attract highly qualified leads while decreasing their cost per conversion.

our solution.​

We worked together with Aladdin Light Lift to create a new website and marketing strategy to hit their lead generation goals. In addition to setting attainable goals, we amplified their online presence through website design, media buying, search engine optimization, content marketing, sales automation, and complete campaign management.

Less than 3 months after implementing a new website and our marketing efforts, the Aladdin Light Lift team saw a 190% increase of sales inquiries.

By maintaining an ongoing partnership with Image in a Box, they are continuing to implement marketing and advertising efforts that are growing their brand exposure and lead generation month over month.

services used.

website design + development
search engine optimization
content creation and strategy
online advertising
email marketing & automation
result-driven approach

let the numbers talk.

increase in search impressions
increase in sales inquiries
decrease in cost per conversion
aladdin lift systems

donald bishop

"After seeing what you all did with Aladdin Storage Lift brand, we knew we wanted you to help with the Aladdin Light Lift brand. You all have taken our lead generation to the next level..."


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