Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Michelle Givens

Managing Director

Managing Director, Michelle GivensMichelle is a rare Huntsville-native marketing nerd who enjoys strategizing marketing plans and designing websites. Her award-winning, user-friendly website design is always focused on maximum effectiveness for lead generation.

She develops effective marketing strategies for organizations to meet and exceed their business goals. When she is not helping organizations craft target personas and brand identities, she is busy chasing her toddler around.

Michelle's Top 3 Strengths:


Justin Givens

Technical Director

Technical Director, Justin GivensJustin is a fully caffeinated coding warrior and marketing expert. He started developing award-winning web solutions based on WordPress a year after the platform launched and has implemented marketing solutions for over 10 years.

He has even developed code that is used in the WordPress Content Management System. Justin truly enjoys helping organizations harness the power of digital marketing.

Justin's Top 3 Strengths:


Jacob McKinney

Front-End Specialist

Front-end Specialist, Jacob McKinneyWith a deep passion for web development, Jacob implements web applications with speed and precision. He has developed custom plugins and themes for WordPress for over a decade and has even written official technical documentation for the WordPress Content Management System.

In his spare time, he can be found chasing/wrangling his toddler, building stuff with wood, or reading cool books.

Jacob's Top 3 Strengths:


Jasmine LeBlanc

Content Specialist

Content Specialist, Jasmine LeBlancAs the team's wordsmith, Jasmine focuses on creating concise, compelling content for our clients' unique target audiences. Whether she's writing attention-grabbing emails or ad copy, she has a true talent for making content attractive and engaging. She does her best work when sipping on cold-brew coffee and listening to Chris Stapleton.

Even when she's off the clock she is creating content by composing witty captions for her dogs' Instagram account.

Jasmine's Top 3 Strengths:


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