Boxing for a Cause

Boxing for a Cause

Boxing for a Cause is our way of giving back to the community.

Community support is a huge reason why Image in a Box is successful. We dedicate ourselves to returning that support to our community by donating money or time to local nonprofits in many ways throughout the year.

Our Monthly Projects

Each month, Image in a Box donates to an employee-selected nonprofit in the Greater Huntsville area. Any organization in the Tennessee Valley that is designated as a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS is eligible for one of our monthly donations.

Here are the organizations that our team members picked so far:

Our Annual Project

Every year during the holidays, Image in a Box holds an annual Boxing for a Cause competition via Downtown Huntsville's Tinsel Trail. We aim to get the whole community into making a contribution during the season of giving.

For this event, our team selects 3 nonprofits to compete in a public voting contest to see who will get the grand prize of a substantial monetary gift. Not to worry, each nonprofit receives a small monetary gift, but only one wins the grand prize!

Check out our Boxing for a Cause winners from the past several years:

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