Our Process

  1. 1. The Easy Part

    Get a free consultation!

  2. 2. Develop Your List of Wants

    We’ll discuss your needs and wants to get an idea of the type of project you need

  3. 3. Let’s Set Some Goals

    Here we’ll nail down the project details and decide on the project scope

  4. 4. Let’s Design It!

    Our in-house designer will hold a meeting with you or your website team to discuss all things design

  5. 5. Kick-back And Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

    During this phase we will be geeking it out building all your needs and wants into a beautiful website

  6. 6. See Your New Site for the First Time

    We will provide you with a development site where you can test out the features and design and then request any changes you may want before launch.

  7. 7. 3..2..1.. Launch

    Your new website is launched to the public for all your customers to see and use!

  8. 8. Sign Up For One Of Our Support Plans

    If you want to continue building and optimizing your website traffic, sign up for one of our support plans. Also your website will remain in tip-top shape and be loaded with all the latest updates by our team.